We equip, educate and inspire the next generation of players

Equip, Educate and Inspire

Established in Sep. 2019, the Fender Play Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) public charity solely dedicated to increasing access to music education through innovative & sustainable programs that put instruments & learning tools directly in the hands of students & teachers.

Music has the power to change lives

We are teaming up with LA Unified to fund and implement an innovative new program for music education combining direct access to instruments, teacher-led instruction and an always-on digital learning tool — Fender Play.

2021 Goals: 10,000 Students

Our goal is to provide access to 10,000 LA Unified middle school Students by the end of 2021. With 7,716 students and 70 teachers currently engaged in the program, we are nearly there.

Sustainability Matters

It’s critical that we keep teachers, students and families engaged and playing. Our focus is on building a scalable, sustainable model for music education. We are starting in middle school and hope to extend the program to elementary and high school.


Benefits of Music Education

The Fender Play Foundation provides a pathway for students to reach their full potential through music education. By breaking down the barriers many children face in finding the right instructional leadership and means to purchase instruments, the Foundation helps students grow cognitively, creatively, socially and emotionally.

2020-2021 OVERVIEW

  • 76.9% of students were newcomers to playing their instrument.
  • 84.7% of students said they would continue after completing the program.
  • 3098 TOTAL

    Acoustic Guitars

  • 1478 TOTAL

    Electric Guitars

  • 564 TOTAL

    Bass Guitars

  • 2576 TOTAL



“Thank you for this program. I couldn't have afforded on my own and it has been such a bright spot in our lives. Sometimes my so...”

- LA Unified Parent

“My proudest moment was early in the semester and hearing her excitement when she talked about learning chords. It opened a door...”

- LA Unified Parent

“It really has been great during the pandemic. It has given my son something to do in order to compete with himself and focus on...”

- LA Unified Parent

“Observing her trying and learning new things is always a great feeling. Even though she is not a pro yet; I am very proud to se...”

- LA Unified Parent

“Thank you so much for creating this program and offering it to the students of LA Unified. I am excited to be using your curric...”

- LA Unified Music Instructor

“Overall, I love the program! The Fender Play app is of great quality, and it is a pleasure to teach this program.”

- LA Unified Music Instructor

“THIS PROGRAM IN MIDDLE SCHOOL IS AWESOME! This will get more guitar and rock band classes on the high school level. ”

- LA Unified Music Instructor

“I liked that my teacher made things easy to understand.”

- LA Unified Student

“I like that I am able to play with out anyone judging me and that makes me feel comfortable with everyone else.”

- LA Unified Student

The lack of access to music education affects us all. We can’t solve it alone. We need your help.

Through grants, partnerships and your individual donations, the Foundation can expand the program, beginning in Los Angeles. Fender Musical Instruments Corporation provides instruments directly to LAUSD at no cost. Join us as we bring music back to the classroom.


The Fender Play Foundation is led by Co-Presidents Evan Jones and Ed Magee, and Program Director Emilia Gore. Each team member brings a unique perspective, with backgrounds in music, education and philanthropy that embody the Foundation’s mission.

Fender Play Foundation in the News

The Fender Play Foundation™, alongside seven-time Grammy winner Billie Eilish and eight-time Grammy winner FINNEAS, will expand the reach of its youth music education program with Los Angeles Unified schools to hundreds of elementary school students in their hometown of Highland Park.

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